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Cosmetic surgery no longer just for women

While the cosmetic surgery field is generally associated with women, a large number of male procedures are available and on the rise. Many of these procedures may overlap with common female procedure such as hair removal while others are unique to males. Men have different needs and goals in cosmetic surgery to fix their overall look and to be confident with their bodies.

Growing old gracefully does not require becoming an old man. Many cosmetic male procedures can reduce the effects of aging. The use of Botox around the eyes can reduce crows feet or other wrinkles. If the skin of the face is dropping more than desired, a facelift is in the arsenal of the cosmetic surgeon for men as well.

Along with the face the body also can be altered back to younger years with cosmetic surgeries geared specifically for males. The use of liposuction to remove unwanted fat around the abdomen or buttocks are common male procedures. Male breast reduction is on the rise as a means to extenuate the pectoral muscles.

Then there is the hair, with more and more bald men turning to surgery on their hair and getting hair transplants in order to counteract their male hair loss.

Cosmetic surgery is not limited to women, it is growing in need and service to men as they come to an understanding of what it entails and how it can help them achieve their best self both now and for the future.

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