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Why you should not be afraid to do Cosmetic Surgery and the Celebrities who did it.

If you’re young and good looking gentleman, and your head is going bald, worry no more. It’s not even a symbol of old age. Most men lose their hair in their 20s or 30s. In this time a lot of guys don’t fear to show their bald heads, but you make prefer the other look. It can be achieved by hair transplant.

Celebrities have also gone for Cosmetic surgery as a way of getting rid of baldness. Let’s discuss a few of them below.

Elton John.He started going bald on the 70s, but as a celebrity, he opted to have the top of his head hair transplanted. Being a star, his fans noticed and he couldn’t deny it. He is the pioneer of cosmetic procedure and cosmetic surgery has come a long way since then.

Wayne Rooney.The English footballer confirmed to his twitter followers that indeed he had had a transplant on the top of his head. He twitted that he was going bald at 25 and he wasn’t comfortable. He was delighted with the results even though it had short period effects. He even joked on any gel recommendations.

Jason Donovan and Mel GibsonThe two actors also have stories told about their hair transplant. They were all happy with the results. Mel Gibson’s hair was falling off and Jason Donovan’s was balding on the top.

Most of this celebrities had the process done once. The press had a mixed reaction. Some media sources argued on the basis of being real and natural while others suggested the celebs had the right to change their looks.

What is heart touching is the fact that men are willing to discuss their hair loss. After all, it’s natural, not personal, you can’t hide it and you can choose to do it to look best. you can do absolutely nothing about the genes, but you can surely visit a hair surgeon and have your hair loss taken care of.

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